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Armbruster was both a city and federal police officer.  She graduated from the Virginia Tidewater Regional Police Academy in 1980 and has been serving as a private investigator in the Hampton Roads area for over fifteen years.

Armbruster & Associates was started on January 1st, 1987, in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Armbruster helped write the first lesson plan for Virginia Private investigators that was later to become the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Service’s (DCJS) mandated lesson plan for all training schools in Virginia under DCJS control.

Armbruster was the first woman to be a registered Instructor of Private Investigation and Firearms with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice, Private Security Division.  Armbruster spent approximately ten years teaching private investigation and firearms, during which she also worked full time as a private investigator on cases.

Armbruster’s criminal work has taken her as far as Europe and the European Human Rights Court, investigating a double homicide, drug trafficking, rape and an international organized crime.

Her civil work has resulted in reverse judgements of up to $800,000.00, as written about in Virginia Lawyers Weekly . She has brought home missing children, tracking them through three states across the U.S., tragically only losing one, Jennifer Louise McCain.  She has helped many individuals struggling with cheating partners and aided them through the destruction of their families.

We have worked many criminal cases for both criminal defense and unsolved cold cases. If your story is the truth, we will stay on your criminal defense until you walk again with no shadow of the law looming over you.  In cold cases, we will work tirelessly until you have peace of mind and closure. Our criminal defenses have been written about in the Wall Street Journal.

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