We Do the “Honey-Do’s” That Honey Don’t


We  started out simply by passing out business cards going from door to door in our neighborhood.  This led to repeat business  with satisfied customers and word of mouth referrals.

With  Bob’s history of carpentry skills, deck repair & building as well as running  another small business, he was well prepared to embark on a new venture, a  general handyman service.

Jo, on the other hand,  has experience in customer service from her previous work for the state of  Virginia. She now devotes her time to servicing clients as well as attending  networking meetings and business oriented classes where she is establishing  contacts that not only assist her with the business but also provide referrals  for Bob’s  Jobs. She  continues to provide a personal touch with clients by sending them personal  greeting cards (a thank you note the day after a job is completed and a  follow-up phone call too) and she keeps in touch with them by providing them  with twice monthly newsletters.

At  Bob’s  Jobs, our emphasis is on quality work for our customers as well as  cleanliness and being on time.  For instance, if you prefer, Bob will wear  shoe covers in your house to protect your carpeting and floors.  He will  abide by any “house rules” you may have and let your pets in an out if you want  him to.  Before he even starts working with you, we will give you a price  quote, to include an explanation of the what the job entails and how we have  arrived at that quote.  We will answer any questions you might have and  show you examples of our work as well as testimonials from customers and  photographs of jobs that we have completed.  We will give you an idea as to  how long we believe the work will take and communicate with you while the job is  being completed to ensure that you are getting the service that you expect and  deserve.


Bob’s Jobs Handyman Service 

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