started in 1995 as a credit counseling agency offering counseling on credit card debt and other unsecured debt.  The primary tool to accelerate the debt reduction is a Debt Management Plan (DMP).  This tool is still available. The consumer agrees to a single payment which is collected and sent to the various credit card companies.  In exchange, the credit card companies eliminate late fees, over-limit fees, and drastically reduce the interest rates so that with each payment a large amount goes to pay off the balance.  However, you must agree not to make any future charges on the cards being paid off.

Later, as we were finding consumers more than 3 months behind and with medical debt problems we added an additional tool for consumers.  This plan is referred in the industry as Debt Settlement and involves setting funds aside in an escrow account for the purpose of a settlement agency negotiating the debt balance owed down in the range of a 50% reduction.  Once a debt is “settled” the consumer continues to fund the escrow account to settle the next debt.

For consumers with overwhelming debt loads we refer to an agency that provides pre-bankruptcy credit counseling to make sure that bankruptcy is the best option.

Over the last 20 years has helped over 10,000 families get out of debt and has counseled with over 50,000 families.


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