Dr. Kimberly LeHew

Hi!  I am Dr. Kimberly LeHew.  I am a holistic doctor who is passionate about guiding patients on a journey of transformation.   I serve individuals who have the desire and courage to look at where they currently are, to dream boldly about who they wish to become, and are ready to live healthier, more vibrant and meaning-filled lives.

Our minds are extremely powerful and our bodies respond to our thoughts.   Genetic predisposition is NOT the whole story in relation to our physical health and we are NOT as limited in our spiritual capacities as the world might have us believe.

I have developed exciting packages that couple cleansing the physical body with moving forward spiritually—with discovering, trusting, loving and being the authentic self.  In our work together, I will guide you through the Standard Process 21 Purification Program while simultaneously nurturing and supporting your growth.

When emotional eating, overeating, and boredom-related eating are set aside, the “real” issues bubble up.  I will assist you in removing blocks that have weakened the soul-personality connection and have contributed to less-than-maximal life-style choices.  How do I do this?

  • By being truly committed to your success
  • By being your personal health advocate
    • Providing you with alternatives to medications
    • Moving you toward weight normalization, if need be
  • By motivating you when staying on track seems difficult
    • Teaching you to work with the language of energy and the power of thought
    • Listening to you deeply, asking pertinent questions, and helping you feel and release blockages
  • By sharing tips I’ve learned through years of professional practice ~ tips that work with YOUR particular needs
  • By extending my compassionate heart to you as we move toward strengthening your body-mind-spirit connection

For More Information visit our website at:  www.drkimberlylehew.com