These days, there is a lot of focus on “going green” and “energy savings incentives”. The Gildersleeve team of professionals has been looking ahead and preparing to meet the need for truly efficient and comfortable indoor comfort systems.  Over time, Gildersleeve has assembled a team of highly experienced HVAC and drilling professionals who can provide “top notch” service to our customers.
This team consists of trained and caring personnel from the office to the field operations who know their jobs and strive to get it right the first time.  You can trust that Gildersleeve will provide the finest and most efficient Geothermal systems in Hampton Roads area.  Your family can look forward to many years of environmentally friendly, cost effective, and comfortable Heating and Cooling.
Geothermal systems are a considerable investment for your home and you need to be assured that it will be installed correctly.  A system that is not designed and sized correctly will consume too much power and reduce the system’s expected lifespan.  Beware of “professionals” that can provide a quick estimate without fully analyzing your home and your specific heating and cooling needs.


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