Hargrave Military Academy.

Established in 1909, Hargrave Military Academy has a long history of providing quality education in a military school setting. A Hargrave education is not limited to the classroom, but extends deeply into the areas of character development, leadership, spiritual growth and athletics. The mission of Hargrave is to assist our Cadets in  becoming knowledgeable thinking citizens of their community, nation and world.

“Hargrave is about preparing each of our young men for the future. Ensuring   that he is prepared no matter which road he elects to take in life–business,    government or military. We do this with rigorous academic standards,   challenging sports, the development of individual character and throughout all   of it is a spiritual underpinning. Our goal is for every young man to have a   lifelong passion for learning and a commitment to a daily fitness.” ~ BG Don   Broome, USA (Ret.), Hargrave President

Our focus is on each individual student and meeting his specific needs. Hargrave is a community and a family of instructors, administrators, parents and mentors all working jointly to provide an environment conducive to learning, to growing and to having fun. We are a military school that enables students to reach their full potential.

The Application Process

Hargrave seeks win-win situations, and as such our application process is detailed. We know what we do best. We first want to make sure we offer the applicant what he needs to succeed. Secondly, we want parents to feel confident in our ability to provide their son the resources needed for success.



Frank L. Martin III, Ed. D. CDR, USN, Ret. Chief of Staff

Director of Enrollment Management
Director Financial Aid and Scholarships
Varsity Golf Coach
Hargrave – Build His Future.

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. Excellence, then is  not an act but a habit.” ~  Aristotle