Inmates on the Move


Adraine Cowan is the founder and CEO of Inmates on the Move and Kingdom Resolutions. She is an anointed and appointed woman of God who directs a vision that empowers offenders and ex-offenders re-entering society. She was born in Washington, D.C. and was raised in the Tidewater Area of Virginia. Her mission began two years ago after her release from prison. Ms. Cowan has six components to her company and each department caters to the rehabilitation of ex-offenders. Her vision is to reunite offenders with their loved ones. Inmates on the Move is a company that specializes in services and strategies for the acceleration for exoffenders. Ms. Cowan brings a sparkling flare with her public speaking skill and professional attitude toward every returning citizen. Adraine Cowan graduated from Hampton High School in 1988 and attended two local colleges. She also did two years in theology seminary and is a single mother of one daughter. After being abandoned in a grocery store, Ms. Cowan proceeded to find a life for herself and her child. Then after being laid off, she made the mistake at writing bad checks, which constituted prison time. Ms. Cowan was sentenced to 35 years and served three and a half. She does not regret a day in prison, and she often says those were her greatest times of intimacy with the Lord.

Ms. Cowan has an awesome testimony. To be homeless and jobless but grateful, to be alive and hopeful, waiting for a future that God only knows the plans for, she survived. Not seeing her daughter while incarcerated, the Lord pressed upon Ms. Cowan to take a piece of her pain and turn it into a passion. In transporting offender families throughout Virginia to see their loved ones, Ms. Cowan continues to listen for the Lord’s further instruction to have a mentoring program, and staffing agency. At the end of all this, she plans to not let any ex-offender go untransformed, saying she has great plans for those in need. With the he of God, who is her greatest advocate, her plan is to lead all ex-offenders out of a world of bondage, shake up the fowler ground, and set all the captives free. 

Awards and Features   2014 Exemplar Awards; Honoree Featured in Virginian-Pilot; March 15, 2014 “In need, she focuses on giving”  Featured in Hampton Roads Gazeti; November 2013 “Compassionate liaisons for ex-offenders, their families”




Adraine Cowan

Founder and CEO

Inmates on the Move

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