Ozone is extremely beneficial in many industries and applications from Hospitality and Healthcare, Athletics, Corrections, Beverage Production and Grocery to Swimming Pools, Air Purification, Cooling Towers and Water Features.


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The Ozone gas is composed of three oxygen atoms and is produced when a stable oxygen atom breaks down a stable oxygen atom into two unstable ones. These unstable atoms combine with other stable oxygen atoms forming ozone. This gas is colorless, odorless and is a very strong oxidant. It’s also very unstable. This is why it must be created on location and cannot be stored.


Where Can You Use Ozone?

Ozone is mainly used for washing fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood, storage of beverages and getting rid of pests. Other uses of ozone include:

1. Pool, aquarium, spa water and water park sanitation
2. Purification of bottled water

3. Disinfecting restaurants
4. Performing laundry operations for hospitals and food factories
5. Eliminating odor from household items
6. Removing pet and animal odors
7. Fabric sanitation
8. Restoring vehicles
9. Sanitizing washrooms




EcoTex Laundry


Benefits Of Ozone Treatment For Laundry. 

Since the early nineties, ozone has been used in many commercial and industrial applications. One of the fields that has largely benefited from ozone is the laundry area . There are several benefits associated with using ozone in washing laundry. Commercial laundry applications mostly deal with large capacities of clothes that need to be washed properly within a short period of time without compromising the quality of the clothes. Ozone has helped these commercial entities in improving their cleaning applications.


Tom Kinnane

Vice President (Annapolis MD)

Tom has spent more than seven years with Hague Quality Water of Maryland in its Annapolis headquarters leading the residential and commercial sales teams. He has spearheaded the development of The Ozone Works and its marketing of ozone products for the hospitality, healthcare, athletic, beverage production and corrections industries, for applications such as on premise laundries, swimming pools, breweries and distilleries and cooling towers. Tom is a Water Quality Association Certified Master Water Specialist and member of the Association for Linen Management.



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