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Paul Schmidt, President of Profit Playbook, LLC

Paul has provided business consultation and advisory services since 1994.  In 2010, he launched Profit Playbook, a company dedicated to the growth and prosperity of its clients.

Services include:

  • Strategic Business Planning and Implementation
  • Operational Analysis & Breakthrough Work Process Development and Enhancement
  • Lean Leadership – A Professional Development Series for Leaders and Managers
  • Mergers & Acquisitions; Start-ups – Due Diligence, Deal Construction, Negotiations
  • Financial Analysis – Capital Planning, Cost Allocation, Opportunities Analysis, etc.
  • Organizational Design – Match Your Org Chart to Your Operational Needs
  • Enterprise Management – General Business Advisory regarding People, Processes, Products/Services, and Profits

The focus of Paul’s service is to pull together the essential components of business and operations toward achievement of the organization’s Strategic Vision by optimizing the internal processes for the industry, energizing the people toward maximum contribution, creating consistent and reliable products and services with minimal waste while creating a healthy balance of short and long term profits.

As a Management Consultant, Paul has successfully served a multitude of business sectors, including technology development, manufacturing, automotive, government, construction, distribution, power generation, government contracting, hospitality, entertainment, and service companies.  Paul has provided professional development and individual mentoring for dozens of companies and for hundreds of individuals at virtually all levels and functions.

Paul’s previous consulting experience includes Goodman & Company’s (now Dixon Hughes Goodman) Director of Management Consulting Services from 2005 to 2010.  Prior to that, he was the Founder and President of Strategic Associates for 11 years, which operated as an independent business consulting firm dedicated to Preparing People and Organizations To Achieve Excellence.

Industry experience includes:

  • Director of Corporate Development for a client company for four years, which included supply chain development, program      management for product and process development, corporate management systems, and department head for sales and marketing.
  • Plant Manager for Nestlé’s largest Roast and Ground Coffee plant in Suffolk, VA; Plant Manager of Carnation’s Breakfast Bar plant in Kokomo, IN; and several other progressive assignments during a 19 year Nestlé career in manufacturing with 8 positions and 6 plant locations.


Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Kansas State University.

Paul takes an active part in the community through his service as an officer on several civic boards.


Paul  Schmidt / President

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