A Soulful, Commanding, Mesmerizing Voice

With his first public speaking appearance at the age of 6, Shane Graham is no stranger to the microphone. Doing character voices and on hold messages for answering machines over the years, and ultimately the ‘beeper craze’ and then ‘cell phones’, he made his transition into public access television before finding himself in broadcast radio at the age of 19.

At the age of 22, he decided to serve a cause greater than himself and enlisted in the United States Navy, and eventually found himself doing ‘double duty’ as a full time sailor during the day, and an on air personality during the evenings. Nearing the end of his Naval career, It was during this time that his love of combat sports and broadcasting evolved into what he would find himself doing for the next 16+ years as a play-by-play analyst and commentator, ring announcer and interviewer of amateur and professional fighters from all over the world.

With his ‘radio roots’ still entrenched in his being, he built a home studio and continually provided voiceover for various projects to clients worldwide, both in and outside of his combat sports based relationships. While he still does moonlight as a ring announcer from time to time, his focus is mostly on producing voiceover content for his satisfied clients and helping to bring to life and completing their projects.


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