Growing up in the 60’s taught me flexibility, adaptability & learning to thrive on change. The 70’s taught me balance in school and family. This continued in the 80’s working with community projects, sidelining as a mobile DJ while transitioning from a day job to owning a business. An entrepreneurial spirit grew owning a mobile DJ sole proprietorship company, Variety Tunes in 1991, then later in 1998 as Variety Tunes & Entertainment, Inc. This one stop shop company migrated to another company, Event Masters in 2000, but in 2001 left to form Digital Production Inc. with many services such as photography, videography, mobile DJs, floral, decor, cakes and rentals. Joining citywide and regional organizations continued towards the success of maintaining a niche in the wedding industry, Pre-Party Planners began in 2002 producing bridal shows. Continuing as a one stop shop led to a conflict with participating exhibitors reaching out to the same target audience. This was solved by dissolving the one stop shop, and only serving the bridal show business in mind, becoming Show Bride LLC in 2006. Although there was an interest in a wedding publication as The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages LLC from 2007-2009,

Show Bride LLC has been consistent company until now. I have been with many multi-level marketing companies, helped form other local wedding associations, managing business networking events, Showbride has been consistently been my day-to-day business moving forward into 2017. After organizing my first bridal show in 2002, celebrating a monumental 50th bridal show in Nov. 2013 at the Founders Inn and Spa, Showbride has reached our 77th bridal show on January 29, 2017 at the Newport News Marriott at City Center confirming 351 bridal registrants attending. We estimate 20 to 60 exhibitors at every bridal show and attract between 100 to 500 attendees, depending on the size of the venue. I would like to think that I continue to challenge myself as a minimalist entrepreneur always strategizing with little or no delays. Just like the instructions found in shampoo bottles, lather, rinse, repeat, I would like to consider my motto of socialize, interconnect, repeat. Continuing my daily grind on social media and all things online helps my connections on and offline with vendors and attendees alike for ongoing events. Then start all over again after each (hopefully) successful event.

Emer Lunasin / Owner

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