The Solu Group


SoluGroup helps large and small businesses increase profitability.

By looking at the businesses current performance we can often find areas where profitability is literally falling through the cracks.

One of our clients, an IT firm, was delivering a service for free. Our client was afraid that if he charged his customers they might get insulted and leave. We came up with ways to add value to his service and a positive way to explain it to his customers. Our client came up with a fee and started charging. He called me yesterday and ytd he has netted over $25,000 in additional profit from our suggestion.

Steve Swan, Solugroup’s principle, has unique experience in sales, marketing and operations in a number of different industries. He can give you unique insights for your business, in your market, designed for your customer.

Most business owners are busy. SoluGroup believes it is their job to help business owners make more and work less.

Contact SoluGroup and mention you saw them on Hampton Roads Live and they will give you $100 off an In- depth Business Evaluation.

Stephen Swan