The Lost No More movement focuses on abolishing gang warfare and making a better tomorrow for the youth of today. We are educating single mothers, fathers and fighting against prejudice towards felons. The movement is strongly opposed to Gangster Rap and its
influence on our youth.  Lost No More and its Gang Interrupters (mentors) are in the communities educating gang members, helping gang members change
their way of life, stopping gang initiations, taking weapons and drugs out of our communities and forming a bond with gang leaders to end violence and gang acceptance in its totality.

We are forming classes of the arts for the youth such as poetry, spoken word (as in expression of their present situations) art, drama, song, step teams, and public speaking. As youth discover new talents and find a new passion for life, our goal is to help them cultivate the following virtues: humility, humbleness, self respect and self reliance.

As former gang members and drug dealers we affirm our position to be of value to our local communities. Lost No More desires constructive relationships parents, government officials, teachers, corporations, board members, religious leaders and all nationalities that desire change. The plagues of bad information, poor education, resentment, lack of trust and credibility must be uprooted. Lost No More stands behind eradicating violence and has zero tolerance for ignorance.


Leading Causes of Violence

· Single Parent households

· Violent/hostile environments

· Drug abuse in the home or their community

· Gang pressure

· Peer pressure

· Exposed to sex and its behavior

· Lack of encouragement and support in their education and academic

   skills from parents

· Guns

· Unemployment

· Family and community poverty

· Sexual abuse/change in sexual orientation/low self esteem


Stopping Gang Intimidation, Acceptance and Affiliation

There are key elements to abolishing gang activity. It can not be done by intimidation through the government nor will it cease by means of imprisonment. Most gang leaders are incarcerated and are using other gang leaders as their voice to the gangs.

The Gang Interrupters will be in all communities as advocates and vanguards. There will be direct interruption of violent behavior and minor altercations. We will take the guns out of the gang member’s hands and turn them in to local officials. However, we have no desire to incriminate any one nor are we exchanging information that could lead to the possible arrest of an individual. We will confiscate firearms and drugs from gang members and allow the change to come from within. Through these attempts, trust will be built. Once we communicate with them on personal level by sharing with them constructive ways of thinking, living and understanding.

We have experienced negative results when ignorance is fought with force. No compromise, nor resolution. We come to fight ignorance with education, love, understanding and respect. The core of the solution is communicating through relations, which can only be done by those various individuals that have atoned and transformed.

Employment opportunities and alternative activities are needed to provide time for relief, economic stability and enjoyment. One on one counseling sessions with the youth and their parents are also necessary for personal growth and development in our communities.

Lost No More Gang Interrupters and Council are offering mentorship programs for all youth. We are seeking partnership with concerned parents, government officials, corporations, organizations and religions.

We come to End Gang Violence, intimidation, and recruitment

We come to save a Nation from being under educated

We come to bring employment to people with a past and to join fathers with their children.

We come as a movement offering youth activities, helping them hone their talents,
transforming their mentalities and shaping leaders.

We come to change laws that hinder the individual success of a person or persons.

We come to build relationships with in the communities and schools

We come as advocates for the youth

We come to take guns and drugs off of the streets


Lost No More recognizes the cycle of anger and criminal actions; you are called to change these issues, and become an advocate for peace.

Please contact Terrell Wiggins of any questions or concerns.

“If we do what we have always done then we will get what we have always got.

Things that are equal to the same thing make them equal to one another.”



Sincerely Yours,

Terrell Wiggins/Founder

Motivational Speaker


Youth Advocate



Email:  terrellwigginsspeaks@yahoo.com
Mobile: (757) 469-7908