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This organization is a father, daughter, community collaborative, grassroots, social entrepreneurial organization and movement.

Our mission is to Bridge the Gaps and Connect the Dots for Veterans and Communities in New Ways….

Success on Veterans Day: House move in and house dedication on Veterans Day was an awesome day as you see from the pictures attached and the article link below. Two homeless Veterans were housed and the family of a young sailor that committed suicide feels some comfort in knowing their sons lose of life will help numerous others live that we touch.

Veterans Day article:  /2014/11/two-homeless-vets-va-beach-get-key-new-life  

Suicide note article:

Social Entrepreneurial Direction: We plan to do the above to scale across Hampton Roads for Veterans directly and Homeless individuals and families indirectly along side the planning council and all the cities within the Mayors Challenge. Sponsoring organizations and bushiness of homes, supplies, resources, funding and services from the community is what will make this successful and a collaborative community effort. There’s no limit in our current talks with future partners about commercial and residential development of Veteran communities and mixed housing with free marketing and advertising and business opportunities.

Focus and Objectives: Veteran’s HomeFront objectives is to bridge the gaps of transitioning veterans by connecting them to the full continuum of resources available, including vet to vet programs, affordable community housing, career placement, recreational activities, and other essential human services with a cohesive strategic
plan for the delivery of services. With 300 plus Veterans and Active Duty Military volunteers across Virginia, we can do this!!!

Opportunities for Collaboration and Initiatives: 

  • HomeFront Initiatives
  • Faith-based Initiatives
  • Health & Wellness Initiatives
  • Community Engagement Initiatives 
  • Employment Opportunities Initiatives
  • Vet to Vet, Peer to Peer Support Initiatives
  • Community Training & Personal Growth Initiatives


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Veteran’s HomeFront
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At Veterans HomeFront we are 
Bridging The Gaps & Connecting The Dots For Veterans & Communities In New Ways…..”
22 Veterans commit SUICIDE a day, lets reduce that # by locking arms and collaborating Nationally & Locally to End Veteran Homelessness & Recidivism though boots on the ground community support and Veterans Helping Veterans.  OORAH!!