Helping Warriors Rediscover the Hero Within

Wounded Wear’s mission is to help wounded warriors, their families, and families of the fallen, rediscover the Hero Within through clothing, clothing modifications,

events, and national awareness.


Wounded Wear promotes awareness and empowers wounded warriors through multiple major and supporting events throughout the country.  Wounded Wear events are designed to provide opportunities for citizens, local, and national businesses an occasion to support, meet, and understand the sacrifice wounded warriors, their families, and the families of fallen service members endure for Freedom.  Major annual events Wounded Wear conducts are A Toast to the Heroes, a formal Gala and silent auction fundraiser, Jumping for a Purpose, an empowerment event taking wounded warriors skydiving, Hold Em for Heroes, a Motorcycle Poker Run and Live Auction, and Team Wounded Wear, an adventure race Team that competes across the country to motivate and empower our wounded warriors and inspire the community.  Wounded Wear makes multiple trips throughout the year to Military Medical Centers and Warrior Transition Units handing out clothing kits and providing clothing and uniform modifications to wounded warriors.  Wounded Wear also ships clothing kits and pays for clothing modifications to wounded warriors who contact Wounded Wear directly.  Lastly, Wounded Wear has created a fashionable clothing line for all Americans to show their support of our warrior’s sacrifice; clothing for Patriots.  Wounded Wear has provided over $500,000 in clothing and events for Wounded Warriors since 2010.  Wounded Wear is working to accomplish its final strategic goal, connecting Wounded Warriors and families of the fallen to opportunities so that they can accomplish their American Dream, whatever their dream may be.

Why We do it

Wounded Wear was created by a severely wounded Navy SEAL, who while undergoing his own reconstruction and recovery recognized two key issues; he struggled with his massive injuries to find clothing he could wear around the medical devices necessary for healing and he noticed that most people never assumed that his injuries occurred on the battlefield fighting for our Freedom. These issues inspired him to create Wounded Wear, to provide fashionable clothing and clothing modifications to America’s wounded warriors that would serve as a Badge of Honor, to promote awareness throughout the country of the sacrifices that wounded service members, their families, and the families of fallen service members have made in the name of Freedom; and to empower and facilitate opportunities for his fellow warriors.

 Wounded Wear believes that the sacrifices that built this country should never be forgotten and those who have endured that sacrifice should be eternally recognized and honored as the heroes they are.  We believe our warriors should be provided every opportunity to accomplish their American Dream, which they sacrificed so much for, so that all Americans can live free and accomplish theirs.


If you are interested in learning more about Wounded Wear please contact

Wounded Wear Founder and Executive Director – Jason Redman at 757-581-1501



 Office Address: 4200 E. Indian River Road Chesapeake VA 23325

Mailing Address: PO Box 64724 Virginia Beach, VA 23467-4724

Phone: 757-773-8079